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Librarian Rashmi Swain and Trina Wade look at Knock 'Em Dead Resumes
Adult Education and Job Seekers Librarian Rashmi Swain (left) suggests a resource to Trina Wade (right). Learn how Trina landed a new job with the help of Rashmi and the resources at the library »

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As Oak Park’s Adult Education and Career Services Librarian Rashmi Swain works with library patrons and local partner organizations use library resources to develop job search and career skills.

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Brainfuse HelpNow »

On demand, anytime, anywhere learning resources for all ages, including live online help, practice tests for college entrance exams, expert writing assistance, and more.

Brainfuse JobNow »

Live interactive online help combined with online resources to guide jobseekers.

LinkedIn Learning (formerly »

Online learning platform with video tutorials to learn business, software, technology and creative skills to achieve personal and professional goals.

Reference Solutions (formerly ReferenceUSA) »

Search millions of businesses by name, location, industry, and size, and search consumers by location, estimated income, interests, and shopping habits.

Small Business Reference Center »

Small business reference books and tools to address small business topics, including business videos, a help and advice section, and details on how to create business plans.

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