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Oak Park cardholders have anywhere, anytime access to a growing digital collection of ebooks and audiobooks, movies, TV shows, music, magazines, newspapers, and online resources for research and learning.

Your digital library also includes all the virtual services introduced or expanded since March 2020: live and recorded experiences such as Zoom storytimes, meditations, and book groups; on-demand videos and tutorials; and remote customer support, including a new live chat feature. Start a new chat session by clicking on the icon in the bottom right corner of

Questions? Check out our How to Library video series, see the FAQs below, call 708.383.8200, and ask us via »

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FAQs about your digital library

What if I do not have an Oak Park card yet? Can I get one? Yes! All Oak Park residents who do not yet have a library card can get instant digital access »

My Oak Park account is blocked. What can I do? Contact us and we will work with you.

What if I can’t find or forgot my library card account number (barcode)? Click on this SWAN link, then enter your last name and birthdate. You should receive an email (at the email address associated with your account) with your barcode. If you do not have an email associated with your account, contact us and we can help remotely.

Can you help me reset my PIN? Yes! You can reset your PIN from anywhere, anytime. Enter your library card number and click “Forgot My PIN” on this page. You can also contact us.

Hoopla question: I’m trying to stream and download, but I get an error message. What do I need to do? Add your PIN. Hoopla recently required all users to provide their library Personal Identification Number (PIN) to borrow and stream. How to add your PIN to your Hoopla account »

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