Discover & explore for grade schoolers: Using technology responsibly

By Middle School Services Librarian Beronica Puhr

This winter, be safe with what you send over your digital device and where your devices end up after their lifespan ends.

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Explore these websites

  • Media Literacy Now (grades K-12): For parents, teachers, and children, Media Literacy Now is a grassroots website that emphasizes the importance of media literacy skills for today’s young adults. It is a leading national organization for media literacy and education policy.
  • Pledge to Pause (grades 4+): Don’t let misinformation take over your perceptions. “Pause” (a campaign by Verified, a United Nations initiative) has us consider how misinformation can alter our moods.

Find tech recycling resources

  • beanz Magazine (ages 8+): The magazine for kids, code, and computer science rounds up a list of links to help families find local electronics recycling centers.
  • Electronic Gadgets video (grades 1-4; 2 minutes, 7 seconds; WGBH): A mini lesson on where the parts of your tech device originate from, and where it will, one day, end up.
  • Kenya Takes on E-Waste Problem video (ages 12+; 7 minutes, 21 seconds; PBS NewsHour Extra): A mini video for older kids about the global impact of electronic waste and the toxic chemicals, which seeps into the land. Kenya, and other countries in Africa, are landfill zones for e-waste from Western countries. This video teaches people to think critically on properly disposing electronics.
Beronica Puhr

About Beronica

Beronica is a Children’s Middle School Librarian and enjoys providing creative outlets for the tween community. When she’s not at work, Beronica can be found: reading, sewing, cooking, building, watching movies (especially horror), conversing in Spanish with her family, and spending time with her two rambunctious nephews!

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