Discover & explore for grade schoolers: Create videos, podcasts, games & more

By Middle School Services Librarian Beronica Puhr

Reimagining how we use technology is very important for families today. Below you’ll find equitable resources featuring safe and reliable tutorials that young adults and kids can use to make podcasts, Youtube videos, and coding.

Check out these digital titles

Create on your own

You can make your own games, stories, animations, podcasts, and even a simple electric circuit with these apps and websites:

Check out these tech Discovery Kits

About Discovery Kits

More than 50 Discovery Kits with play-and-learn activities that encourage kids to explore nature, make art, practice coding, and even learn to play the ukulele are available for checkout at the Main Library.

To check out

  1. Place a hold on a Discovery Kit in the library’s catalog or browse the available kits at the Main Library in the Children’s Services Area.
  2. If you’ve placed a hold, wait until you receive notification that your hold is ready for pickup at the Main Library.
  3. Use the self-checkouts available on all three floors of the Main Library (but not in the lobby) to check out your kit.
  4. Enjoy the kit for up to three weeks!

To return

  1. When you are done with the kit or the due date has arrived, return your kit to the Main Library.
  2. Kits can be returned inside the Main Library vestibule and lobby.
Beronica Puhr

About Beronica

Beronica is a Children’s Middle School Librarian and enjoys providing creative outlets for the tween community. When she’s not at work, Beronica can be found: reading, sewing, cooking, building, watching movies (especially horror), conversing in Spanish with her family, and spending time with her two rambunctious nephews!

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