Discover & explore for grade schoolers: Bomba music

By Children’s Librarian José Cruz

This week, I would like to introduce the African influence on Puerto Rican music by exploring Bomba traditions.

Bomba music is a call and response process where the dancer communicates with the drummers and vice versa. This musical tradition dates back to 17th century Puerto Rico, and it served as a means to communicate messages amongst the enslaved population in Puerto Rico. 

Learn more with this lesson plan

The Smithsonian Institutes’ lesson plan on Bomba music focuses on the use of instruments in Bomba and lyrics.

Try these books

  • Grandma’s Records by Eric Velasquez discusses a grandmother’s bond with her grandson over different Puerto Rican musical traditions.
  • Lulu Delacre’s Rafi and Rosi: Music also takes readers on a journey exploring Bomba, Plena, and Salsa music in Puerto Rico through the adventures of two tree frogs (coquís) in Puerto Rico.

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Borrow the Learn Spanish Discovery Kit to explore the language, as well.

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