July 12: A new & improved catalog experience

Want all the details? Watch the short video (just click on the image above).

As an Oak Park library cardholder, you have access to more than 10 million items from 100+ area libraries through the SWAN catalog. It’s this collaborative “resource sharing” that gives more people more access, more choices, and more value when using their public libraries.

On Monday, July 12, the current SWAN catalog is becoming an even easier tool to find items and browse online!

Two catalogs will be available simultaneously

Both the “classic” and the new “current” catalogs will be available at the same time to patrons and staff from anywhere. Changes made to your account in either catalog will be reflected in both places. See something that doesn’t seem right? Have questions about your account? Please let us know »

Why are there two catalogs now?

To ensure the heart of the consortium collaboration—the catalog used by all SWAN member libraries—is the best that it can be, SWAN began beta testing with patrons and staff at seven SWAN member libraries earlier this year. That testing has progressed well, and now SWAN wants to take the tool to a wider audience for more feedback.

Tell us what you think

As SWAN’s testing of this potential new consortium catalog expands further, we’ll all be using this new (Aspen) catalog more and more. So remember, everything you see is a work in progress and can potentially be improved upon. Share your feedback by sending an email to our dedicated testing team at aspen_project@dev.oppl.org

Which other libraries are participating in beta testing?

Including Oak Park, these SWAN member public libraries have been participating in beta testing: Chicago Ridge Public Library, Downers Grove Public Library, Oak Brook Public Library, St. Charles Public Library District, Tinley Park Public Library, and Villa Park Public Library.

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