Tech Tips: How to read ebooks & magazines in Libby

By Digital Learning Librarian John Gargiulo Did you know that as an Oak Park Public Library cardholder you can access tens of thousands of ebooks and digital audiobooks, and thousands of digital magazines on your smartphone or tablet? In upcoming Tech Tips posts, I’ll be sharing tips and tricks on how to do just that! Meet Libby … Read more

Tech Tips: How to apply for the Emergency Broadband Benefit Program

Emergency Broadband Benefit Program: Helping Families Connect

By Digital Learning Specialist Amy Hofmockel The Emergency Broadband Benefit (EBB) is a program to help people struggling to afford internet services during the pandemic. If you qualify, the EBB can help pay for monthly internet service and even provide a one-time discount for an internet-capable device. The benefit can be used for either home internet … Read more

Tech Tips: How to connect to a wireless network

Person using a laptop outside

By Digital Learning Specialist Amy Hofmockel You may be in a cafe, out in Scoville Park, or at the library trying to access a public WiFi network, or connecting with a mobile WiFi hotspot that you have checked out from the library. But how do you know you are connecting to the right network? Using your laptop … Read more

Tech Tips: How to find a digital newspaper or magazine

Person searching on laptop

By Digital Learning Librarian John Gargiulo Your Oak Park Public Library card gives you access to thousands of digital newspapers and magazines. Different streaming apps like PressReader, Flipster, and Libby all provide access to digital newspapers and magazines. So what is the best way to start when you’re looking for your favorites? The questions below will help … Read more

Tech Tips (Mobile Hotspot Series #3): Troubleshooting common issues

T-Mobile Hotspot

By Digital Learning Specialist Amy Hofmockel Having issues with a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot you borrowed from the Oak Park Public Library? Sometimes you can have trouble despite having followed all the directions! Below, find some common issues other people have had and how to fix them. And check out the other posts in this three-part Tech … Read more

Tech Tips (Mobile Hotspot Series #2): How to use a mobile hotspot

T-Mobile Hotspot

By Digital Learning Specialist Amy Hofmockel If you don’t have an internet connection at home you can borrow a mobile hotspot from the library! It will get you connected to the internet without incurring data charges. Need help getting your mobile hotspot set up? Follow the steps below and contact us with questions. And check out … Read more

Tech Tips (Mobile Hotspot Series #1): What is a mobile hotspot?

T-Mobile Hotspot

By Digital Learning Specialist Amy Hofmockel Don’t have an internet connection at home? Want to use your mobile devices—smartphones, laptops, and more—on the go without incurring data charges? A mobile WiFi hotspot can be used to provide a strong, fast, and secure online connection for your mobile devices anywhere cellular services are available. So if your … Read more

Tech Tips: How to find the menu in an app

Phone screen showing an app menu

By Digital Learning Specialist Amy Hofmockel When using apps and programs it can sometimes be hard to figure out how to access the menu. It can seem like the icons you need to tap to open the menu are constantly changing, even between app updates! While apps are always updating, some basics will stay the same.  … Read more

Teens invited to share their voice on managing stress and anxiety, creating new app

Teens on Smart Phones

The library is partnering with Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine, Center for Behavioral Intervention Technologies (CBITs), on a project to design new smartphone apps that help teens better understand and manage their emotions, stress, and anxiety. Teens ages 12-17 are invited to get involved in this research project. Virtual interviews (lasting about 1-1.5 hours) will be scheduled … Read more

Tech Tips: Navigating Google search results, spotting ads

Google Search

By Digital Learning Librarian John Gargiulo Advertisements are all over the internet these days, and while some are helpful, some add clutter, and others can link to scams and websites that can’t be trusted. Ads also are present in Google searches; sometimes displaying above the results you want to see. Ad placement in search results can create … Read more

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