Exhibit Space Policy

Library Board approved June 17, 2003.

Oak Park Public Library provides space for exhibits that support the mission of the Library, by providing users with additional opportunities for information, education, culture, and recreation.  The Library seeks to exhibit works appropriate to a broad range of the Library’s diverse patrons.  In making space available, the Library aspires to meet the standards set forth in the Library Bill of Rights.

Through its exhibits, the Library shall endeavor to present a broad spectrum of opinions and a variety of viewpoints, given the space limitations of the Library.  Oak Park Public Library does not endorse the beliefs or viewpoints, which may be the subject of exhibits.

Exhibits are scheduled after approval by the Assistant Director.  Persons interested in providing an exhibit shall submit a descriptive request for consideration.  The Library may also ask individuals or organizations if they wish to submit such a descriptive request.  Preference may be given to Oak Park residents, governmental units, or community groups.

Art work exhibited in the Library may be offered to the public for sale, with a percentage of sales of not more than 20% retained by the Library and designated as income to be used for the purchase of additional art for the Library.

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