Executive Director Evaluation Process

Library Board approved October 15, 2002. Revised October 24, 2012. Revised January 21, 2014. Revised January 22, 2019.

Step 1: The Executive Director’ delivers a draft of the annual strategic plan to the Board as part of the November Board packet.

Step 2: The Executive Director emails the completed self-evaluation form to the Board before the February Board meeting.

Step 3: At the February Board meeting, the Executive Director shall include a written statement in the monthly report that all annual performance reviews for all staff members for the previous calendar year were completed. This statement shall include assurances that the Executive Director or the Director of Human Resources has received those reviews and filed them in the appropriate employee files.

Step 4: Evaluation forms are emailed to the Board before the February Board meeting. The Board members shall complete the evaluation independently of each other and email it to the Secretary of the Board for compilation before the March Board meeting. The evaluation shall be for the period of the preceding calendar year.

Step 5: The Secretary shall compile the results and the Board shall discuss the evaluation in closed session at the March Board meeting.

Step 6: Prior to the April Board meeting, the Secretary shall prepare a written document summarizing the evaluation and reflecting the summary of opinions reached at the closed session in March. At the April Board meeting, the Board shall discuss the evaluation with the Executive Director, including any further discussion related to goals and objectives. The Executive Director’s salary for the following calendar year will be set at the April Board meeting.

Step 7: Board members are encouraged to provide feedback to the Executive Director throughout the year as necessary and appropriate.

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