Wage & Salary Schedule & Grade Assignments

Pay schedule 2021

Grade 1$27,581$33,097$38,613$13.26$15.91$18.56
Grade 2$34,029$40,835$47,641$16.36$19.63$22.90
Grade 3$38,794$46,552$54,311$18.65$22.38$26.11
Grade 4$48,399$60,499$72,599$23.27$29.09$34.90
Grade 5$55,175$68,969$82,763$26.53$33.16$39.79
Grade 6$62,900$78,625$94,350$30.24$37.80$45.36
Grade 7$77,379$96,724$116,068$37.20$46.50$55.80

*Annual salary figures are based on full-time employment (40 hours/week).
**As of January 2021, the library’s minimum wage is $15.00.

Grade assignments 2021

Position TitleGrade
Lead Library Clerk1
Library Clerk1
Facilities Worker2
Library Assistant2
Public Safety Specialist2
Library Specialist3
Office Specialist3
Programming Specialist3
Coordinator of Community Engagement, Digital Archives, Digital Content, Digital Learning, Learning and Talent Development, Multicultural Learning, Remote Learning, Restorative Practices 4
Graphic Designer4
Information Technology Specialist4
Office Manager4
Website and Information Technology Specialist4
Writer and Editor4
Supervising Librarian5
Systems Administrator5
Manager of Access Services, Adult Services, Children’s Services, Community Engagement, Data Analytics, Facilities, Information Technology, Materials Services, Neighborhood Services, Public Safety, Special Collections, Teen Services 6
Director of Collections and Technology, Communications, Human Resources, Operations, Public Services and Programs, Social Services and Public Safety7

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