Community Collaboration

Being intentional about empowering every voice in our community is critical to our everyday work. Here are a few ways we collaborate with local organizations, working toward shared community aspirations and goals.

Equity in education

Supporting student learning. See how we work with Oak Park Elementary School District 97 to support equity and opportunity in student learning. Watch the video »

‘A new kind of summer school.’ When your goal is to empower all voices, you’re bound to make some noise. Oak Park elementary and middle-school students enjoyed a new and exciting type of summer school opportunity created to enhance their study and reading skills while preparing them for the academic year ahead. More about reimagining what summer school can be »

Connecting mentors and youth. Starting in 2017, a “community catalyst” initiative sparked opportunities, strengthened relationships, and energized our community around empowering youth for college and career. More about connecting mentors with career and college bound youth »

Removing barriers. “The neutral space of the library can eliminate the borders between schools, businesses, and the community to provide resources to students and families.” More from the Equity Team’s Frances Kraft »

Early childhood learning

Taking a whole-community approach. “All of our children are capable of greatness, as long as they are growing in an environment of people who support their progress.” Why we support social and emotional learning »

Welcoming environments

Forming relationships to get people what they need. “We are working toward the same goals to achieve collective impact.” More on how our Social Services and Safety Team collaborates with area organizations »

Donating to those in need. “I’m so proud of our community and how much love was shown.” More on how we collaborate with Housing Forward »

An entrepreneurial hub, supporting growth and change

Growing a local business. Lively Athletics co-owner Anne Pezalla found library resources, including a “secret new best friend,” to help grow her business. Read more and watch the video »

Providing space for business mentors and networking. “We are usually able to match a client up with a mentor within 48 hours.” More about how we work with the business community »

Increasing access: Bringing the library to you

Popping up in the parks. A multi-organization partnership came from listening to those in our community who care for young children. More on how we deliver resources outside the library »

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