Each year, the Board of Library Trustees approves the annual library budget. Review the 2021 budget, which was approved at the board’s October 27, 2020 (pdf) regular meeting and amended at the board’s March 23, 2021 (pdf) regular meeting.

Audited financial statements

Typically completed by August of the following year, audited financial statements are available as PDFs. For more information, contact Executive Director David Seleb at davids@dev.oppl.org or 708.697.6911.

Where the money comes from, what it is spent on

Oak Park property owners currently pay roughly 4.8% of their total Cook County property tax bill to the library. Nearly all (99.6%) of the library’s operating budget comes from property taxes (0.2% comes from fees, and 0.2% comes from grants and gifts).

What your library tax dollars pay for

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