Access and inclusion are driving forces behind our work. All library buildings are accessible and ADA compliant. If you have any questions or would like to request assistance, contact David J. Seleb, Executive Director, at or 708.697.6911.

ADA Accessible Computers on the Main Library's third floor

Can’t make it into the library?

Oak Park cardholders of any age who are temporarily or permanently unable to come in to the library can use the Home Delivery Service.

For use at the Main Library

  • NEW! An ADA-compliant nursing pod in the Children’s Services area. More »
  • NEW! We provide support for hearing devices in the Veterans Room. Ask us now, or in the library at any service desk, for details.
  • Ultra high definition scanning of microfilm and desktop magnifiers on the third floor
  • Public desktop computers on the third floor with:
    • Adjustable height tables
    • Large type keyboards
    • Monitors with increased display size
    • Adaptive software (JAWS, OpenBook, and MAGIC) that magnify and read images and text aloud
  • Augmentative/Alternative Communication (AAC) devices to speak

 For checkout from the Main Library in Children’s Services

  • Adapted Boardmaker books, offering picture symbols as a way for kids to learn and recognize words in a visual, pictorial way
  • Braille books, ones that have been published in Braille, and ones with Braille translations added
  • Braille readers to translate ebooks and web pages into braille
  • Scanner pens to scan text, hear the words read aloud, and look up any words you don’t know

For use at all library buildings

  • Supports such as noise-canceling headphones, wiggle seats, fidget toys, DIY schedules, pinwheels, sunglasses, weighted lap blankets, and more

Sensory garden at Maze Branch

  • An outdoor area where disabled kids and teens have ownership and a leadership role in a community space. More »

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